The Forgotten Factor Driving the Rise of Sustainable Investing

The convergence between sustainability and investing is driving systemic change in the capital markets. Bloomberg estimates that ESG investing – which involves taking into account Environmental, Social, and Governance considerations in addition to financial factors – will represent a third of global assets under management by 2025. In her recent article, Anna Alemani draws attention to a frequently disregarded cause driving the growth of sustainable investing.

“The digital revolution gave consumers and investors access to virtually unlimited information. Financially material information about a company is no longer limited to SEC filings, ratings, and buy/sell recommendations from few trusted sources. Social media and other alternative data sources expose good or bad corporate behavior, allowing us to compare organizations on previously hidden areas of operations.”

The Forgotten Factor Driving the Rise of Sustainable Investing, Pinnacle Blog, by Anna Alemani

Anna Alemani is the Managing Partner of Pinnacle ESG Services, helping clients advance responsible investing and sustainable business practices. Using rigorous financial analysis and systematic reporting, Anna helps asset managers integrate long-term sustainability into their investment cycle and make it a key component of their value-creation proposition to investors.

Anna’s career in the financial industry started in 2006 at Standard & Poor’s, where she was a Corporate Bond Rating Analyst covering various Energy sectors. From 2011 to 2017 she worked as a Senior Credit Risk Analyst for Noble Group, managing due diligence, risk assessment & credit underwriting for the Energy & Renewables trading desk. Anna holds a BA in Business Administration from Bocconi University in Milan and an MBA from Columbia Business School in New York. Anna also holds a certification in ESG Investing from Columbia Business School. She is a member of our Chapter’s 2023-24 Conscious Leaders Network.