The Curious Capitalist is a podcast shining a spotlight on conscious business leadership and culture through interviews with authors, academics, policy-makers and entrepreneurs who have shifted their practices to engage employees and other stakeholders in expressing a higher purpose.

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The Curious Capitalist podcast cover with Glen McDermott. Glen is a white man wearing glasses
Episode 3On this episode we speak to Glen McDermott about Conscious Capitalism and Red Rock Branding in Connecticut.www.redrockbranding.comwww.connecticut.consciouscapitalism.org
The Curious Capitalist podcast cover with Gavin Watson. Gavin is a white man with a beard and glasses.
Episode 2 Gavin Watson describes what it takes to be a conscious manufacturer. www.watson-inc.com www.connecticut.consciouscapitalism.org
The Curious Capitalist podcast cover with Larry Bingaman. Larry is a bald white man with glasses and is wearing a suit.
Episode 1 Claire Edwards speaks to the current Chair of the Connecticut Chapter of Conscious Capitalism and President and CEO of the Regional Water Authority....