Marna Wilber

Marna Wilber

Board Member


I have always been entrepreneurial. My career has taken me to many start-up companies where I was among the first 10 employees or the first person in a new start-up position in a large established company seeking to progress and build something new. I like to build things. Today, after a fruitful 30+ year marketing, communications, and government affairs career, I own and operate a coconut macaroon bakery, MarnaRoons. MarnaRoons is a start-up specialty food company making gluten-free coconut macaroons in many flavors while donating 20% of its profits on sales to organizations fostering opportunities for those who may not normally have access to those opportunities.

Why do we need a new way of doing business?

Companies need to find new ways of conducting business for a variety of reasons. They are continuously being asked to deliver improved results with fewer resources; employees are asked to do more and often become overly stressed.

But how do the best companies keep employees healthy, engaged, interested and loyal? By developing a mission-driven organization, companies can evangelize their employees to share in that mission creating a sense of belonging and community. This is critical because companies need to attract and retain the best talent for top performance and by having a clear purpose, employee retention and engagement improve, and future community-focused leaders emerge.

Give us an idea of how have you helped make the world a better place?

Over my lifetime, I have been involved with many non-profit organizations. I attribute this passion to my mother who was always very mindful of what our family could do to assist or welcome others.

Currently I serve on three boards including Conscious Capitalism Connecticut. What I have realized over the years is that it is not enough to be a donor or a sponsor. Donors and sponsors are great but tend to have simple transactional relationships with philanthropic organizations. To be a champion of the cause and donate one’s time, talent, treasure and spread the word on the mission, is when everybody wins. I strive to be involved by contributing my time, funds and talent communicating and marketing organizations missions while building their brand.

Additionally, my intention is to be a true champion for the organizations I am associated with and to continue to encourage companies to find their purpose for an employee, business and community win-win-win.

What does Conscious capitalism mean to you?

Conscious Capitalism is the opportunity for a for-profit business to associate itself with a challenge or inequity in society and then champion for its elimination or improvement resulting in a better world.

There are many for-profit businesses that have giving strategies or a non-profit association where they donate funds or gifts-in-kind. But many of these relationships lack the full commitment of time, talent, treasure and evangelize the message. When companies can engage on all four of these aspects, our world will be a better place.

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